Nature accelerated.

Avalo is nature’s innovation workshop. Through our interpretable AI-based platform, we advance natural crop evolution.
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Avalo’s version of assisted evolution […] uses machine learning models to seek out desirable traits [and] an AI-enabled recommendation system suggests which crossbreeds might produce best results for taste, ease of production, and resilience.

Crop innovation for humanity’s sake.

Harvesting the Future of Food

The world around us is rapidly changing. We explore the biology in crops that matter most to ensure our food supply evolves as our climate changes.

New Plants for a Greener World

Our planet needs crop diversity to flourish. We work with partners to foster natural diversity and promote the creation of plant varieties tailored to different environments.

Better Tasting Crops that are Better for You

With predictive breeding, we can discover crops that are not only richer in flavor, but are also packed with the nutrients we need to thrive.
NASA predicts climate change will decrease maize crop yields by 24% within the next 10 years.
2021 NASA Study, Published in Nature Food

The Avalo Platform

Identify Genes at Far Lower Cost and Faster Crop Development

Innovate at a Lower Cost...

What genes make rice resistant to frost, or potatoes more tolerant to drought? Through our platform, we’re able to identify causal genes for 100x less than the cost of the industry standard.

... and Accelerate Crop Development

The current standard of agricultural development is too slow to keep up with our rapidly changing climate. We cut through the noise of large data sets to find and act on genes of interest on a dramatically shorter timeline.

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