Who we are

Avalo is nature’s factory for agricultural innovation.

We advance natural crop evolution by identifying key genes of interest.
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to harness evolution in the fight against climate change, guaranteeing humanity’s future food supply.
We envision a future where:
  1. The world is greener than how we left it.
  2. Future generations aren’t threatened with food insecurity due to climate change.
  3. Our food supply is diverse and flourishing.
  4. We’re nourished with crops that are fortified with the nutrients that we need.

Our Team

We’re unified by our belief that better biology makes for a better world.
  • Emily Abernathy portrait

    Emily Abernathy

  • Mariano Alvarez portrait

    Mariano Alvarez

    Co-Founder, CSO
  • Emily Bellis portrait

    Emily Bellis

    Computational Biology Lead
  • Brendan Collins portrait

    Brendan Collins

    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Tori Freeman portrait

    Tori Freeman

    Plant Improvement Technician
  • Paul Harrod portrait

    Paul Harrod

    Executive Assistant
  • Haiping Hong portrait

    Haiping Hong

    Director of Plant Development
  • Shaoxing Huang portrait

    Shaoxing Huang

    Molecular Biology Technician
  • Carlos Iglesias portrait

    Carlos Iglesias

    Strategic Advisor
  • John Joseph portrait

    John Joseph

    Computation Development Lead
  • Michael Schwartz portrait

    Michael Schwartz

    Plant Developmental Biologist
  • Justin Sech portrait

    Justin Sech

    Machine Learning Specialist
  • Kimmy Stanton portrait

    Kimmy Stanton

    Genomics Scientist
  • Rebecca White portrait

    Rebecca White

    Chief Operating Officer

Work at Avalo

We’re looking for people with a passion for science, sustainability, and biology to help us grow the future.

Join us on our mission to leave the world a better place for future generations.

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